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Leyland Viking V3.0 (1.30-1.31) Release

Guys, You have permission to edit this mod, and publish to anywhere.

Also give credit to this man MUHAMMAD ANAS , Because the animation which i used in the bus for Wiper , Meter Consol etc was took from his mod. So please give Enough credit and respect to him, for getting that perfect animation. and when you download skins from this website, and if you wish to use it in your YouTube videos, Please request permission from the author of the skin, also please give them the credit in your posts and videos. Because its their handwork. So give them respect. When you make a video its your responsibility to respect other’s work as you are making money out of their effort, am i right?
I hope you will enjoy this mod, if you wish to Donate for the effort took behind this mod, and for this website, you are welcome. you can donate through Paypal. i will give the link here. So it will be a support for me for spending time for this.