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Extreme Road Fever : ERF Map



Project ERF (Extreme Road Fever) is a standalone off-road tracking map where you will explore challenging roads, realistic details and multi-various environments of thrilling driving experience. In this first update, you will get a single route with two dealers- DAF and VOLVO. More updates will come very soon. Trailer job for European trucks is available in this map. Moreover, you can compatibly drive any external mod vehicle in this map.
Roads are too extreme, therefore 500+ HP engine and stable tyres are highly recommended for your drive. If you are crazy for extreme driving , then you are gonna love this map. Download Link is given below.

Supported Version: 1.36 and 1.37
DLC Required : ALL DLC

MOD Serial:
1. ERF Def
2. ERF Map
3. ERF Base

Sharing reviews without this video link from this channel is highly prohibited. Copyright is enforced for this map. So please, submit the link of this review video wherever you share anything about this map.

Credits:Sadman Andalib Sakib & Solmon Alice


Uploader details:shahjana001@gmail.com

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